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Oritsejafor sets the pace to unveiling secrets to succeeding during a Global Economic Hitch with release of new book and mentorship class


We are created to be successful in life! But it is imperative to note that the road to success can be rough and gory.

In the book, You Too Can Become A Success, Mama Helen Oritsejafor, divulges that to combat lives obstacles, and experience a world enriched with opportunities, it is important to run with a supernatural mindset, commit to hard work and excellence, while being involved in a delightful relationship with God.

The book is set to be launched on Saturday, 10th of October, 2020, immediately after the quarterly online masterclass of the 6th edition of the CEOs Company Mentorship Class, tagged: Overcoming the Effects of COVID-19 on Business.

The class mentored by the author, plans to close the knowledge gap on how heads of organizations and business owners can rise above this pandemic. Dr. Oritsejafor, strives to pacify that for a solid reopening, re-strategizing is necessary to incorporate valuable ideas in a bid to develop tenable business tactics that would propel their existence for many generations despite the present global economic glitch. The book serves as one of the secrets to uncover this mission.

After the launch, the book will be readily available on Amazon, for world-wide purchase, Kindle for downloadable e-copy version, Eagle Strength Bookshop, Delta state, RovingHeights Bookshop and Patabah Bookshops, respectively in Lagos state.

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