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“It’s a lie” Reno Omokri tackles Sowore’s claim people are making billions from end SARS protest


Reno Omokri has accused Omoyele Sowore of lying after the latter stated that some end SARS activists have been taking bribes and benefiting off the protests.


“I will not be part of any negotiation regarding end SARS. Many have entered into these negotiations and come out on the other side becoming billionaires. To them, it is a game,” Omoyele Sowore had said.


However, Reno Omokri said Sowore is ”lying about that and that the government is working through people like Sowore to discredit end SARS movement.”


He added that he has done his investigation and found out there’s no truth to Yele Sowore’s allegations.


In a video shared to Instagram, Reno said: “Omoyele Sowore is just pained that Revolution Now flopped and End SARS protest is a major international success.


“He’s got a big ego and would like to lead the movement but because he was denied that opportunity now he’s making these spurious allegations.


“I’ve investigated it – and not just me, I don’t want to mention names – major people have investigated this, they found out that it’s completely untrue.”


He added: “Omoyele Sowore is a common blackmailer, and I’m sure a lot of you know this part.”


Reno continued: “Omoyele Sowore is just like Festus Keyamo. He was hoping to be made a Minister by Muhammadu Buhari and so when Muhammadu Buhari came on board and did not make him a Minister, it was after he came out with his ministerial list that Omoyele started to fight him. 

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“He has a personal quarrel with Muhammadu Buhari, face your personal quarrel but don’t jeopardize the movement, don’t jeopardize the emancipation of Nigeria from the oppressors. There is no truth to that allegation. End SARS is a spontaneous people mass movement; there is no leader. And Omoyele Sowore, if you are sure of your allegations, name names.”


Watch the video below.



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