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“No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark”- Nigerians raise questions over missing 16-year-old adopted girl


Some Nigerians on Twitter have raised eyebrows over report of a 16-year-old girl who went missing in Lagos over a week ago.


It all started on Sunday when one Hosea came on Twitter to ask for help in connection with his sister’s adopted daughter, who went missing on September 7.


According to him, the teenager identified as Victory Bitrus left her adopted family’s home in Jakande on Monday, September 7, and never returned.


“She left home randomly and didnt come back till late evening when someone brought her back and claimed she was afrais to go back home after being out for so long” he said.


“While the person was pleading on her behalf, Victory was outside the gate. By the time they tried to bring her in, she was nowhere to be found,”


The family thought she must have ran away to see a boy. However, the boy said to be her boyfriend claimed not to have seen her.


“At first we thought it was just a case of her running to see a boy. We expected her to be back before nightfall,”


“It has been almost a week and she hasn’t returned. A missing person report has been made at Jakande police station. My sister lives close to Admiralty Homes, off new road just incase anyone sees this face around that area. Kindly call 08169705097.”


While many offered their help with retweets, prayers and sympathetic words, some insinuated that the teenage won’t run away from home unless she is being maltreated by her adoptive parents.

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“Did you know the reason for her leaving. Maybe your elder sister is maltreating her” a Twitter user said.


One shared a quote which reads: “No one reads leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark”


Jay wrote: “My take is something is wrong in your sister’s house. The fact that she had to ask for someone to try and negotiate for her speaks volume. I really hope she is safe wherever she is but I dont ythink your sister is the right person for her”

Hosea quickly debunked the insinuations by sharing a beautiful family portrait of Victory with her adoptive family.


“Victory has been treated like a true daughter from the day she stepped foot into that house. I know because I lived with them for a while. We just want to find her. Thank you for your

opinion” he added.



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