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Amaechi Okobi starts a 5-minute plank challenge and people are going for it


Amaechi Okobi, Group Head, Communications and External Affairs, Access Bank Plc, has challenged his friends and followers to a five-minute plank challenge and a number of people have accepted the ambitious challenge.

The challenge is to run over the course of a month, starting on October 1st, with participants slowly building up strength and resistance daily until they are able to hold the plank position for five whole minutes.

He suggested a way for participants to make the challenge easier on themselves and take their minds of the discomfort. He also listed the benefits of the challenge.

My sister, @adaobikoniwinde stopped by earlier today. Crack of dawn early. In the middle of her morning dance on the asphalt, she decided to challenge me to a 70-seconds plank. Of course I was down. But that’s not the story. 

Did you know that planking a few minutes a day will strengthen your core, arms and legs? It also tones your butt (AKA ass, booty, ikebe) and abs, all while improving mental health. It’s not as easy as you think— scratch that— It’s hard as hell, but I have tips: 
1. Don’t look at your stopwatch.
2. Do it to music. On full blast. Pick a favorite 4 or 5-minute song. Something high energy. I’m going for old skool rap. ‘Long Live the Kane’ or ‘Ain’t no Half Steppin’ … Big Daddy Kane; ‘Empire State of Mind’ … Jay Z and Alicia; or ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ … LL Cool J. The idea is to push to get to the end of the song. Most songs are under 5 minutes. Doesn’t matter. You can choose two short songs. 

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Are you still reading? Do I still have your attention? Did I lose you at ‘… mental health?’ If you’re still here, this is the fun part. 

Swipe left for a second then come right back. 

What do you think? 

After today’s workout, I got motivated. On October 30, 2020, I’m going to do a 5-minute plank because I want to look and feel amazing, and inspire others to do the same. 

Sweet beans and dodo! What am I thinking? One minute is hard enough. But how cool would it be, though? 

Interested? Scared? Challenged? So let’s do it. I challenge you to challenge yourself. It’ll be epic.

Here’s what you do: 
1. Like this post and comment: Count me in. 
2. Swipe left and commit to the guide. Add 10 more seconds. 
3. On October 1st, post a picture of yourself in a plank, with the caption: I’m going for a 5-minute plank in 30 days because…(insert your reason). Join me. 
(A public declaration makes it difficult to quit)
4. Tag me and #AMO30dayplankchallenge 
5. Decide how you want to reward yourself in 30 days. 
6. Post and share updates of your progress. (So we can support and encourage you). 

See you October 1st. 

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