Home News Frightening moment NFL player, Bashaud Breedland’s arrest almost turned tragic (video)

Frightening moment NFL player, Bashaud Breedland’s arrest almost turned tragic (video)


A video showing the terrifying moment NFL player Bashaud Breeland was arrested has emerged.


The video shows that the arrest on Tuesday nearly turned tragic. 


Breeland, 28, was not cooperative when a cop stopped him for questioning and this led to a confrontation that escalated to the point that the cop pulled out a gun and aimed it inches from the NFL player’s face.


 Onlookers were so afraid for Breeland’s safety and screamed at him, begging him to stop struggling.


Frightening moment NFL player, Bashaud Breedland


Breeland was detained Tuesday, April 28, at around 11 AM at a South Carolina gas station after a York County Sheriff’s Office deputy says he saw the K.C. Chiefs player and 2 other men smoking weed.


The officer claims when he stopped Breeland for questioning, he became combative.


In the video, the officer attempted repeatedly to place the Chiefs cornerback in handcuffs, but Breeland consistently refused.


At one point in the video, the cop pulled a taser on Breeland’s back and ordered him to stop resisting.


“Put your hands behind your back or you will get tased,” the officer said. “Turn around and face away from me! You’ll get tased!”


However, Breeland ignored the officer’s orders. At another point, things took a frightening turn as he wriggled away from the cop and got into his car.


The officer pulled his gun and put it inches from Breeland’s face, and screamed at the NFL player, “Let me see your hands! … I’m not playing!”


Breeland eventually got out of the car, got on the ground and allowed the officer to place him in cuffs.

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Breeland was then taken to jail and he was booked on 4 charges, including resisting arrest and possession of marijuana.


Frightening moment NFL player, Bashaud Breedland


Watch the video of his arrest below.



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