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”Thanks to feminists for hard fought equality, Adele will be fine” Twitter users compare Adele’s $140m divorce settlement with her ex to that of Jeff Bezos


Twitter users are blasting ‘feminists’ and anyone who is not in support of Adele’s $140m divorce settlement with her ex Simon Konecki .

Reports emerged that Adele was going to pay her estranged husband of eight years to divorce him hence Adele’s court request to keep the details of her £140million divorce private after their split.



The singer ended her relationship with entrepreneur Konecki in April 2019, and has since been romantically linked to rapper, Skepta and some people claiming to be feminists blasted reports that she’ll be paying off her ex.



Twitter users are now slamming these ‘feminists’ for not protesting when Billionaire Jeff Bezos settled his ex wife making her a billionaire in the process. According to the Twitter users people don’t talk when a man settles his wife for a divorce but all hell is let loose when it’s the other way round…. See Twitter reactions below.

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