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‘God is on the throne, all nations, big or small have been reduced to same level’ -  Bishop Ignatius Kaigama weighs in on Coronavirus pandemic


Bishop Ignatius Kaigama of Abuja Catholic Diocese has weigh in on the Coronavirus pandemic stating that the ravaging disease has reduced humanity to the same level.

According to Bishop Kaigama, all countries, big or small, need help this period as the virus is spreading rapidly across the globe.


“The disease has reduced us to one level. The mighty and small nations have all been reduced to the same level with all feeling the hit and unable to do much about it,” Kaigama said on Sunday,  after celebrating Palm Sunday Mass in an empty Church following government orders banning public gatherings.

“The pandemic has taught us that we must come together to conquer the ills of the society.

“All nations, big or small, developed and undeveloped, poor and rich, have seen that technology cannot do much. Everyone is running from pillar to post in search of safety.

“Clearly, it is a new beginning for humanity. It means we must return to the golden rule of love and respect for one another. Above all, it has shown that God is on the throne and all must return to Him,” he said.

“It should never be about what we can gain from the situation. It should be about what we can contribute to the system,” he said.

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