Home News Ghanaian footballer dies of Coronavirus in Italy

Ghanaian footballer dies of Coronavirus in Italy


A Ghanaian amateur footballer, Emmanuel Harrison has died of coronavirus in Italy after being diagnosed with the disease. 


Italian news platform, Oglio Po reported that the 49-year-old man died 10 days after being admitted at the Oglio Po Hospital in Vicomoscano, a town in the northern Italian region of Lombardia.


Harrison who played for some amateur teams including Maffei where he led the attack, contracted the disease from a machine he shared with another employee at a local factory ‘EmiliaNa Parati’ he also worked in. 


The report added; 


“Emmanuel worked at the Emiliana Parati in Vicomoscano and had made himself well-liked by everyone, colleagues in the factory, and dressing room companions.

“His physique, as well as his undoubted skills of a striker, helped him.”


Prior to his death, he was making plans of moving to London where his wife and three children live. He was reportedly constrained by paperwork.


Harrison is now the third Ghanaian in Italy, and the fifth Ghanaian abroad to have died from Coronavirus. 

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