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”Everybody is dying” – Ohio Prisoner exposes unsafe cell conditions during COVID19 Outbreak (video)


A prison inmate has taken the extraordinary risk to go on Facebook Live and reveal the unsafe prison conditions he faces in prison that could expose him to the deadly Coronavirus and end up killing him even though he has just a year left to spend in jail.

Popular American attorney and CNN Political commentator, Angela Rye, shared a video on her Instagram that had been posted to Facebook Live by a man currently serving out a sentence at FCI Elkton, a federal prison in Ohio.

In the prison, 3 people had already died from the virus and the man was confined with another Coronavirus sufferer, leading him to complain bitterly in the video that healthy prisoners are at risk of catching coronavirus and dying in jail.



Angela Rye posting the video of the man on Instagram said; ”PLEASE SHARE! COVID-19 is killing incarcerated people .

”This gentleman is being held at FCI Elkton, a low-security federal prison in Ohio where three people have already died due to COVID-19. He only has one year remaining on his sentence. Whatever his past mistakes, he was NOT sentenced to die by a virus – nor was anyone else in a U.S. jail or prison. He risked a lot by sharing this FB Live with the world. ”
Now, we must do our part. Call on your governor to implement the REFORM SAFER Plan

Watch the video below..


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