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Coronavirus cases rise to 190 as NCDC confirms six new cases in Osun


There is low death cases in Nigeria because it is a black nation, where everyone is getting tested. Here in the US they are testing more white people than black. They call it medical discrimination black people in the US account for 10 percent of the population but are about 40 percent of deaths so far. Because these white nurses and doctors are sending home black patients to their family telling them that it’s ordinary cold or flu and when it’s corona virus to stay with their family. While they are giving tests to whites it’s a shame racism at its best. I know someone black American who’s uncle had it and they sent him home to “self quarantine” with a house full of children and old people. Nonsense Nigeria is a zoo for sure but in some aspects they are ahead of America, they have now created a hotline for people to call who have been denied test due to their race. Naija contained Ebola they can contain Corona. Also this disease is the equalizer between rich and poor so you know these corrupt naija politicians will sit up out of fear.

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