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CNN host, Chris Cuomo recounts how his brother and Governor Andrew came to him in a dream in a ballet outfit during his Coronavirus fever (video)


CNN host, Chris Cuomo and his older brother and Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo had another round of playful jabs as he shared his experience of battling Coronavirus on Thursday April 2. 


Recall Chris announced in a tweet on Tuesday that he had tested positive for the virus. Joining his brother in a news conference by video, he said; 


“I’m doing pretty well, all things considered. This is very tough. I get it now. I’ve now become part of this group of people who have this virus.”


He then took off his baseball cap, before joking about how his hair has not been doing great and also tough to keep his locks the way he wants them.


Chris jokingly told his brother, Governor Andrew;


“You look like you’ve been cutting your own hair. Which some people are good at, some people are not. I’ve chosen to wear a hat because I don’t want to butcher my own haircut.

“I see why it takes people out. You’ve got to rest because your body has the fever because it’s fighting the virus. And you have to chill.”


He also thanked his wife and family for helping him, adding that he couldn’t imagine having to fight the coronavirus alone.


The CNN Host said; 


“I’m very lucky. We’re in a real fight and we really do have to remember our connections to each other because otherwise, there’d be no way through.”


While Andrew commented several times that his brother looked healthy, Chris said he did have a fever and talked about experiencing hallucinations.

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Recounting one of his dreams, Chris Cuomo disclosed that the Governor of New York came to him wearing a “very interesting ballet outfit” and waving a wand before dancing away. Andrew Cuomo laughed and joked that the “fever has affected your mental capacity.”


The duo continued throwing playful jabs with Andrew telling his brother that he was going to take it easy on him because he’s sick.


The Governor said; 


“Rule one is never hit your brother when he’s down, and you’re literally in the basement, so I’m going to refrain from any rebuttable today.”


Chris however said that this is probably his best chance “to strike.” He said; 


“Once I’m healthy, I’m not going to forget all the jokes that you made at my expense.”


The back-and-forth ended with the governor’s praising Chris for showing strength and continuing his broadcasts since his diagnosis.


Andrew said; 


“For you to get up, do that show, share with people. That is a strength, and a character strength, that is really incredible. We joke a lot, but the strength that you showed here and the dedication to journalism and your skill and your ability to make this OK for people and to communicate it, you can have the coronavirus and, you know, life goes on … you’re showing that.”


Here is the video below;


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