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Toke Makinwa says she wouldn’t mind being stuck at home during the quarantine with Future one year after calling him “bad market”


Toke Makinwa has said that she wouldn’t mind being stuck at home with Future as an imaginary bae during the coronavirus quarantine. This comes one year after she called the rapper “bad market” and used him as an example of a deadbeat father.


Toke Makinwa tweeted today: “If you could be stuck at home with an imaginary bae who would it be??? I’ll go first, future won’t be too shabby, we would smoke, eat and do the needful. Something rugged and handsome about him.”


Toke Makinwa says she wouldn


She added: “I don’t want to marry him, he does look like a fun time, I can play with his dreadlocks.”


Toke Makinwa says she wouldn


Toke has been known to criticize Future Hendrix for the shabby way he treated Ciara and for not being as active in his son Future Zahir Wilburn’s life as his step-dad Russell is.


Back in 2016, when Future Jr was seen calling Russell “Papa” and calling his biological father “Future”, Toke had reacted by saying It’s not a big deal (read here).


She had written at the time: “It’s not a big deal!!!! All the men out there acting the fool should continue, for every Future, there is a Russell.


Toke Makinwa says she wouldn


Then, in 2019, when it was reported that Russell urged Ciara to take Future off child support because they don’t need his “little bit of money”, Toke had reacted to it by calling Future bad market (read here).


She wrote at the time: “In other news ??? You can’t put a good woman down, Ciara steady re-writing the rules.how did future become such bad market???? Chaiiiiiiii
Dear women, don’t chase a future, think about your future. 
Dear men, may you not become a step dad to your own child.”

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Toke Makinwa says she wouldn


Also. in 2019, Toke insinuated that Future is a deadbeat father and prayed for women whose baby daddies are irresponsible. She added that Future has become a stepfather to his own biological child (read here).


She wrote in part: “Today I use this as a point of contact to every single mother raising kids on their own while the sperm donors are walking around, may you find your own Russell, and May your baby daddy live long enough to become a step father to his own child.”

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