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“This girl reaches out and tells me my husband is cheating on me” Princess Love confronts Ray J as they publicly hash out their differences in a new TV show (video)


Princess Love and Ray J sat down to hash out their differences in a new reality show. 


In the reality show on Zeus Network, Princess Love is seen confronting her husband Ray J about his alleged infidelity.


“You abandoned me,” Princess Love accused Ray J.


“I abandoned you?” Ray J asks, looking surprised.


Princess Love insisted: “You abandoned me.”


And Ray J asked: “What are you talking about?”


Princess Love then opened up about what happened in Las Vegas, shortly before they welcomed their son, that caused her to threaten to divorce her husband.


“One of my friends, a blogger…, “Princess Love begins but Ray J interrupts her, saying, “That’s it, you’re lying.”


“Can I finish?” Princess Love asks, then continues with her story. “… She calls me and she’s like, ‘I’m sorry, I know you’re eight and a half months pregnant but I just wanted to let you know, this woman who works in a brothel has been with Ray J the past three days.”


In the trailer for the coming show, Princess Love, who accused Ray J last year of abandoning her and her daughter in Las Vegas and blocking her everywhere so she couldn’t reach him said: “I wanna know why he left me and our daughter.”


She went on to make more accusations, saying: “You did have a bunch of escorts and girls in your room…”


“No, I didn’t,” Ray interjects.


But Princess continued”…and what did you tell me when I said ‘what were they in there for?’ You said, ‘Oh, I was bored’.”

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“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Ray insists.


Princess Love said the show is to confront Ray J in public to see if he will finally admit the truth but Ray insisted that he’s innocent.


At some point during the show, Princess Love walks out in anger.


In another part of the interview, Princess Love swore on her kids that she’s telling the truth.”


“I put this on my kids that I’m telling the truth,”


However, Ray J objected and warned her not to put it on his kids.


Below is a teaser for the coming reality show.



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