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I would win in court if I decide to challenge my dethronement, but I don?t want to return ? Sanusi Lamido Sanusi


@ 1st Anonymous God bless you, and it is pride that he would say that he would win because he can not win, the court can not impose him on the people to be their emir, it is not an electoral position that one can contest, is a simple choice making process, meaning no one is more deserving among they that are deserving, when he was chosen many were deserving as well. He never would have won and that is a fact. And is it not funny that they run to hide under the covering of the peace loving nurture of the west, and that which are believes and the cultures, the faith of the people they considered infidels when the bastard natures of their own shows forth. They are beggers that donot know it is more blessed to give, to be a shelter in the storm. If the other part of Nigeria do not exist in their firm believe, am sure he would have being killed after a while, that is why he ran, Sanusi knew, when the world have forgotten about this issue in the dead of the night he would have been killed and they would blame it on some sorts of illness that arise as a result of his broken heart and depression after his dethronement, and that which would happen before 2023 that is why he fled. Because that governor would not have peace as long as sanusi is alive, he knows as long as Sanusi lives he has hope. What’s next that would play out…. We shall see…

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