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Enyo Challenges Architects to an ?Open Idea Competition?


Enyo Births Inaugural ‘Open Idea Competition’ for Architects Creative & Innovative Individuals

This year’s edition Enyo Challenges Architects and other creative Designers to an ‘Open Idea Competition’ themed “Sustainable Service Station”

If you are presented with an opportunity to win millions from doing something you’re passionate about, won’t you take it? We think YES! And luckily for some this opportunity is not farfetched.

Enyo Retail and Supply is once again opening its doors to all creative enthusiasts, architects and designers to design the service station of the future! Let your creative juices flow as you take on this project to create the next best thing to ever happen to the fuel retailing industry.

The task is to completely rethink the service station concept and come up with a new trendy, attractive and customer friendly and completely statuesque service station that speaks to Innovation and Sustainability is completely statuesque. Go all out with attractive architectural and design concepts using photo montages, 3D designs, sketches to really bring your vision to life! We want to see what your imaginations want from us.


  • A concise headline and summary of the project must be provided
  • Competition entry is restricted to submission per participant
  • Concept presentation is sacrosanct to submission
  • Visualizations in the form of pictures, plans, renderings, 2 to 3 minute video presentation produced in a simple manner etc.
  • A maximum of four (4nos.) A3 Design Sheets (soft copies only) and a 150-word (maximum) 1.5 spaced MS Word Document (soft copy only) write-up to explain the design concept.
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  • Visit the Enyo Retail & Supply website: www.enyoretail.com/competition to fill the online registration form.
  • Submit online registration form and submit design entries on or before 19th of March 2020.
  • Entry codes of shortlisted successful entries will be posted on the website on the 24th of March 2020.
  • All shortlisted successful finalists will be contacted and will receive invitations to attend the exhibition and finale which holds on the 27th of March 2020.


Apart from the personal evaluation criteria of each member of the jury, some other factors of qualification will be as follows:

  • Innovation and relevance of the proposal
  • Aesthetic quality of the overall project
  • Clarity and comprehensibility of the design
  • Functionality, interpretation and application of the proposed program
  • Technical quality of the project and feasibility in its construction.


A total fund of (N 2,000,000.00) in prize money will be awarded to winning entries!



Registered participants in the competition may address their questions to the Competition Organizer: [email protected]

For further information, terms and conditions visit www.enyoretail.com/competition . It is highly recommended to regularly consult this section of the website. It may provide additional information, updated information or clarification to the present Competition Brief.

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