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Couple caught having sex in a car in Italy are arrested for breaching coronavirus lockdown (Photo)



Authorities in Italy have arrested a couple for breaching coronavirus quarantine rules after they were caught having sex inside a car. 


The couple, a 23-year-old Egyptian man and a 40-year-old Tunisian woman were caught in the act by a police officer on the outskirts of Milan on Monday. 


Police say the roadside fling happened on a road in Mecenate near Milan which has been heavily hit by the coronavirus outbreak. 


According to news agency ANSA, the pair were accused of ignoring a quarantine rule which bans two people from being in the front or back of a vehicle together. 


It wasn’t revealed if the couple will face further action, but Italian authorities are keeping an eye on all road vehicles in order to enforce a ban on travel.  


Italy currently has 31,506 cases of coronavirus with 2,503 deaths. 

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